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May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.  This quote has really got me to thinking this week.  I know, I know.  This isn’t exactly a “Wedding” topic but  for my inauguaral Emerald Events & Wedding’s blog, I want to give a shout out to my chicas bonita who got me where I am today.  This blog is for you.
  • My Grandma Wagner, who always thought I could do anything.  She’d call me in college with help wanted ads for doctors and lawyers  & when reminded of that pesky little detail (I was a history major), her answer was always a very confident “you could do it”.   She may have had rose-colored glasses on when examining my strong points . . . . believe me, NO ONE wants to see me standing over them with a scalpel!!  However her unquestioning belief that I could do anything has given me the confidence to try things I never thought I would.  I may fall flat on my face but I will never say I didn’t try!!  I miss her terribly & know she is watching me. . . .probably say “I told you she could do it” to some hapless wandering angel.
  • My girl Maggie, whose enthusiasm, excitement & willingness to get into mischief with me is always infectious.  She has always been the “Ethel” to my “Lucy” & vice versa.  I’ve known her 13 years & hers was one of the first weddings I coordinated. When I told her I was starting a wedding and event planning business, her answer was “Yay, it’s about flipping time!”  Expect more from Lucy & Ethel as Maggie’s agreed to lead the Durango | Farmington | Cortez branch of Emerald Events & Weddings.  Without her bubbly attitude and staunch support,  I would not be the woman I am today.
  • My sister from  another mister, Malisa – She is my friend who truly shares my highs and lows.  We’ve been through disfunctional boyfriends (hey, they were broken when we got em!!), Napoleonic uber-nut bosses & more family dramas than I care to remember here.  Through all of it, Malisa is my constant support & most excellent confidante and I thank her for that. 
  • My chica bonita Dena – She is, without a doubt, the most brutally honest woman I know.  She has no qualms telling me when I am making a fool out of myself or not being as proactive I could in starting Emerald Events & Weddings.  While hearing something like that is not always easy, I think everyone needs a Dena in their life to reign them in occasionally and force them to break out of their box.  She is my hero for many reasons.  She has started her own American-made clothing line http://www.americanjoeapparel.com/ , is singlehandedly raising the smartest kidlet I know & has a killer Irish accent when drunk.
  • My sister Alicia – She is my bestest friend and she has one  of the softest hearts I’ve ever seen.  From stray puppies to friends who can’t afford Christmas for their kids, Alicia helps in every way she can.  Her generosity is something she’s instilled in all of her children with great success & something I strive for.  After all, why else are we here on this planet except to help others.
  • My  beautiful mom Judy – Most of my favorite memories involve her & travel – laughing on the beach on our Bermuda cruise & getting drunk on chai-tinis for the first time in Crested Butte, to name a few. She had a hard life growing up & chose to lead her life 180 degrees differently than her parents, for which I am infinitely grateful!  She’s imparted several qualities on me.  1. she taught me to fight for what was truly important. 2. She taught me “you can laugh or you can cry.  It’s ultimately up to you”.  3.  True love is possible if you are open to it.  Oh yeah, she also gave me her stubbornness & smartass sense of humor.  =o)
  • As for the upcoming crop of girl power, my niece Kristyanna is is a very precocious 8 years old going on 25.  She’s already told me she’ll be my helper on all my weddings. =o)  We’ve tried to instill good and honest qualities in her and her brothers.  From Alicia, she’s picked up generosity & a loving heart, From her grandmother, the love of travel & the ability to see the brighter side of life & from Aunt Missi, stubborness, a dislike of early mornings & a love for Starbucks & a good party.  While I was planning my boyfriend Erich’s 30th birthday luau, she was more excited than me, I think.  She hula’d her heart out that night.  And whether she ends up working with me or not, I hope she follows her bliss & I hope she has then as fantastic a support team as I have got today!
Wishing you love, laughter & happily ever after,
Next week – Green Weddings


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