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Engagement photos – Partygoddess style

Hello my wonderful party planners!  Sorry for the lag in blogs there.  Between the holidays, client’s parties, our engagement shoot & finding that perfect combo of vendors that scream “cool  and funky Partygoddess & hip and stylish Man o’ mine marry”, I’ve been busy!

I’ll be writing more soon about all the green happenings but I just had to share some of our awesome engagement photos.  Eleonore, my long time friend and photographer extraordinaire captured everything we wanted and more.  I wanted a distinct contrast – very classy & then casual photos.  We got that by dressing formally for the first two shots, then switching to white button down shirts and jeans at the last place.  I also wanted very unique backgrounds for each location.  We went with the canals at Las Colinas (a very Italian looking location), the Plaza Arts Center in downtown carrollton (where the owner Clarence Teng made my millenium by putting our name up on the marquee) and the Londoner Bar in Addison which has the most amazing red English telephone booth.  So without further ado . . . . Our photos ladies and gents!

Eleonore dishes about  our engagement session on her blog. Why not hop on over and read some more, my stylish readers =o)  And as always, remember Emerald Events & Weddings is here to help make your day as special as if it were my own!


4 comments on “Engagement photos – Partygoddess style

  1. Obed
    March 3, 2009

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!


  2. katysfairytaleweddings
    September 28, 2009

    This is my third blog page

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