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Melissa Wagner – National Green Goddess

Hello my fellow green goddesses-

Here is the long awaited Figure magazine article profiling myself as an eco-chic woman business owner. Yay for eco-chic chicas everywhere! =o) The theme greening continues to spread!

The bad news is you can only find these magazines in hardcopy in Catherine’s, Lane Bryant, and Fashion Bug stores AND this is their final issue ever (I just love this economy). The good news is they are in EVERY store across the US & Canada and will be for the next two months. So feel free to go in and grab one while you can =o)

And before anyone asks . . . yes, I did give them high-resolution, flattering headshots to use in the article. Apparently the photo editor to whom I had sent them got fired or was sent to cover the International Bellybutton Fuzz convention. Anywho0, the new editor decided to cut and paste a picture from my website instead of admitting they lost the photos in the employee upheaval. And that, ladies & gents, is how Melissa ended up looking like a copy of a copy of a photo of someone on the top 10 most wanted list.

Wishing you “Love, laughter & happily ever after. . . (TM),

Melissa (aka fuzzy green goddess) Wagner


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