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Swinging Vintage Music – Heartsong Productions

Hello my lovely lads & ladies,

Welcome to one of the finest DJ/vocalist teams I’ve ever had the priviledge of working with.  I love utilising local talent!!  And boy, are these two talented! Heartsong Productions took my idea of the 1930’s cocktail club wedding setting and ran with it!  Not only do they run an amazing DJ show Complete with eco-friendly LED lighting, but they sing as well!! 

Rob & Lisa from Heartsong Productions

Rob basically channels Frank Sinatra while Lisa’s voice resembles one of the husky torch singers of the 1930’s/1940’s. Since we were going   for a swanky yesteryear cocktail club vibe, I had  them sing 1930’s and 1940’s songs during our dinner hour.  They also brought in a large screen on which they ran old movies like Casablanca and the Philadelphia Story throught the entire reception adding to the 1930’s ambience. 

But I think their true Piece de Resistance was the musical format they came up with for the cocktail hour.  As Lisa explained to me during the planning process

 “To better recreate and firmly stamp the time period, Rob and I are working on a “radio station” concept for the music between sets, with possibly voice overs and time appropriate commercials and news from back in the day.  Nothing cheesy, but more like an retro-WRR, classy and elegant, but fun and entertaining as well.   It’s strictly background at these points in the reception, but we want something unique.”

And boy did it work, they had jazz & swing music, interrupted by commericals for Lifebouy Soap and Beeman Gum and trailers for the Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind.  Rob was the DJ and they had run his voice through some sort of modification software

One unique facet of their DJ package is they don’t charge you extra for vocals, instead it’s one package price and they will include vocals with the dj package if you’d like it.  That’s a very rare and cost saving aspect  of their price.

So in summary – Innovative, Energetic & Talented = Heartsong Productions =o)

Till next time, “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After. . . .”(TM)


Melissa (aka the new Mrs.)

Melissa Wagner-Gens, PMP
Owner & Senior Event Planner
Emerald Events & Weddings


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