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Brilliantly Green Certification Announced

Hello All my designing Divas out there!!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my Emerald Certified (TM) Seminars, a certification class for current & future event coordinators interested in increasing their eco-savvy by learning more about green practices in weddings, seminars & events in general. 

Our certification classes will teach you how to be eco-chic in all of your event planning,vendor selection and “day of” execution.

As a modern event and wedding planner, have any of these scenarios ever happened to you?

  • Have you ever been stumped for design ideas when a client explains they want a green event?
  • Do your eco-concious clients constantly demand new and innovative earth friendly ways to green their events?
  • Are you wanting to broaden your design scope by learning more about the terminology and ideas associated with sustainable and earth friendly parties.

You are in luck!

Emerald Certified (TM) Seminars were developed for event planners just like you.  We will be holding classes in DFW, Denver, Seattle and several established eco-friendly cities

I hope to see you all in a seminar soon.  Visit www.BeBrilliantlyGreen.com for more info. Until next time,  

Be Brilliantly Green; Be Emerald!

Melissa Wagner-Gens

Emerald Events & Weddings




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