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MIA Melissa

Hello all you party princesses out there!

I know I was out of pocket for the entire month of May, but with good reasons, mostly medical!  We finished up classes on the 29th of April and I headed out to Florida’s coast with Mr. G for some much needed R&R and to celebrate my 35th Bday.  We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the fantastic water and wildlife before BP so thoughtlessly ruined that natural beauty (I’m just sick about that tragedy, but that’s another post all together!!) 

Anyways, halfway through our week in paradise, aka Panama City Beach, I slipped and tore my rotator cuff.  Talk about pain! The next week was spent at all kinds of doctor’s visits. Thank God it’s only a partial tear & the dopctors hope it will heal on its own with some TLC & Therapy. 

May 13th I went into a standard dentist appointment only to find I needed emergency dental surgery, the following week saw my surgery & lots of happy pills as my jaw was dislocated & the temporary crown was placed somewhat crookedly leaving my nerve was exposed. The dentist was on vacation the next week  so I had to visit another dentist to have the crown recemented correctly. The downside of this was the postponement of the launch of my Emerald Certified (TM) Seminar website & my trip to train my new event coordinator, Brittany Solarzano, who will be handling my east Texas weddings and events.

That brings us to this week.  I seem to be on the road to recovery.  So far the temporary crown has lasted, I’m (hopefully) seeing a specialist about my jaw next week & I finally got the website ready to launch!!  Whoohoo!!

Anyways, now you know….The rest of the story ;o)

Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After. . .





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