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Greetings, party prince and princesses!

Hopefully this post finds you by a sparkling blue pool with a frosty adult beverage of your choice on the table next to you.  Where have I been, you might be wondering…Well this summer has been a busy one for me and Mr. G.  Not only have we had to deal with all kinds of illnesses and injuries (Torn rotator cuffs, root canals, and strep throat just to name a few)but we’ve also been busy at work as well.  Here are just a few things Emerald Events & Weddings has been doing in the past 4 months.

~We launched Emerald Certified (TM) Seminars, which is our carbon-neutral, in-house green certification class for event planners.  The requests for this have been overwhelming and finally we decided to give planners what they want.  For better or worse, I have come to be seen as a green event expert and I will be taking my lifelong earth-friendly passion, combining it with common green terms, knowledge & Emerald Events and Wedding’s eco-chic event experience and condensing it into a one day, easy-to-understand fun seminar in major metro cities around the country. 

Our first one will be held this year in Dallas, with others to follow in 2011 in New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, & Portland. We are also taking suggestions for other seminars locations. The website is www.BeBrilliantlyGreen.com  We’re excited about teaching others to be brilliantly green like us!

~Another very exciting development is the first stage of our event planner expansion.  The first two satellite offices of Emerald Events & Weddings will be Attie Neil in Durango, CO (serving the 4 Corners area – Farmington, Aztec, Bayfield, Silverton, Wolf Creek, Pagosa Springs, and Ignacio) and Brittany Solarzano in Lufkin, TX (Serving all of East Texas including Nacogdoches, Jacksonville, Tyler, and Rusk)  I’ll be introducing their fantastic selves properly in a future blog.

~Another job that’s been keeping me busy is one which has just sort of happened.  I’ve been helping a few former students set up their business entities, social media, and advertising solutions.  It’s amazing to me the lack of one stop shops for small business set up needs.  In today’s society, if you want to sell scarves, in addition to knitting, you’ve got  to be a small business, tax and computer guru or your business won’t be successful. 

Mr. G is taking over his parent’s design and webhosting business in the fall.  We’re seriously discussing turning it into a small business 1 stop shop.  For example – You want to sell widgets? You concentrate on selling widgets and leave the small business & social media set up, incorporation, website & logo, name and tagline, and tax & accounting solutions to us.  All you worry about is selling widgets.  It’s an exciting idea and one which I think will get a lot of customers quickly!

~The final thing I was working on is really exciting to me!  As a Certified Project Manager, I read PM Network magazine religiously as do 300,000 other PMPs in 120 countries. 

Approaching an event as a Project with Pizazz is something I firmly believe in and teach my event planning students.  Imagine my joy and happiness when they asked to interview me for a story on event planning as a project. 

It just came out in July and already I have had another PMP calling to ask me how to get started in the business.  I was so happy! 

Being interviewed for such a prestigious magazine just really made my my summer!   Read all about it here!!  pmnetwork201007-8f14e45fce-pp  &  pmnetwork201007-3026096d26-pp

And that, ladies and gents is the run down on all of the exciting happenings around the Emerald Empire.  It’s been crazy busy but I’m loving every starbucks drinking, eco-chic thinking, event planning, state spanning moment!

Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After . . . . .
Melissa (aka the new Mrs.)
Melissa Wagner-Gens, PMP
Owner & Senior Event Planner
Emerald Events & Weddings

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