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Green Goddess Certification Class

Hello all of my party princesses,

I wanted to give you a rundown of our Emerald Certified ™ Seminar – DFW which happened in September!  I have developed this class in response because of the number of former wedding planner certification students who were asking me to teach them how to be Brilliantly Green™ when planning their client’s events or wanted to go to the next level of certification in their education.  Now I am not a “Mean Queen of Green” and I don’t lecture as one.  I believe people retain more knowledge when they are engaged and entertained, so our class was very interactive and hands-on.  The students got the chance to create eco-friendly centerpieces and green signature cocktails using organic vodka, locally made tequila, fresh fruit and organic fruit juices.  I explained 100 mile weddings and green terminology they needed to know and introduced them to local eco-chic vendors they could use when planning their parties.  Our 7 hour seminar just flew by and I know for a fact that I helped these women think differently and sustainably about events and how their business relates to the environment around them.

Some of our wonderful sponsors included Emerald Events & Weddings (of course =o>), ClearSky Climate Solutions, Aspen Ironworks, Wales Manor, Java & Gelati, HeartSong Productions & Chef Pete Catering.  Here are some pictures of all the eco-chic educational fun!

Eco-friendly weddings and eventsMelissa Wagner-Gens with Donna from Java & Gelati

Part of the class with their eco-friendly centerpieces


2 comments on “Green Goddess Certification Class

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    • partygoddess
      October 22, 2011

      Hi, thanks for the suggestion BUT unfortunately here in Texas (and I’ve heard most other states are following suit) caterers are not allowed to donate food served at a wedding to charities anymore due to food safety issues. Since 1. they can’t prove they haven’t let food get into the “danger zone” -temperature where bacteria starts to grow, and 2. they have no control what the shelter or soup kitchen does with the food after they drop it off, there are major insurance and liability issues. One bout of food poisoning could ruin a caterer’s reputation and a guest’s night. Instead I suggest finding a caterer who knows how to accurately gauge the amount of food which will be needed. You can check this by contacting former clients of the vendor and asking the caterer directly how he calculates the amount of food per person he plans on bringing. =o)
      Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After,

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