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Green Dream Theme – Strawberry Fields

strawberry vintage wedding centerpieceHello all of you eco-evangelistas and party princesses!

What does today need?  I’ll tell ya.  A really rockin’ new green theme for a wedding.  Welcome to our special feature I’m calling “Dream Green Themes”  These will be monthly party themes which are eco-chic and unique!green theme strawberry

One way I try to get my blushing brides to incorporate themselves and their honeybunnies into their wedding is to incorporate items found in their houses already.  They love the items and it reduces waste/cost, so why not use them?  From dishes to art to jewelry, all can be incorporated into a rockin’ theme which really tie the couple’s personality into the wedding.  I was challenged recently to put my money where my mouth was, so to speak.  Never one to turn down a challenge, I accepted!the bird's nest eco green strawberry

Recently I had the pleasure of working with several amazing vendors to create four new looks for the eco-conscious couple.  The first one I’m going to share here is our Strawberry Fields theme.  The dishes, silverware, burlap and giant teacups are mine.  Everything else is locally sourced and/organic.

Who doesn’t love the juicy red and crisp green of a strawberry?  They have always reminded me of summers in my grandfather’s garden. Those little berries grew like wildfire much to the delight of all of us grandkids who made it our personal mission in life to eat as many as we possibly could . =o)Strawberry centerpiece green eco-chic wedding

The first thing we needed for our Dream Green Theme was a great location.  I was looking for somewhere cozy (less people = less waste & less carbon emissions) and rustic (strawberries, vines, duh! =o>).  I found the perfect place in Melissa, TX called the Bird’s Nest. It had room for an intimate wedding (aka 50 people or less) and amazing photos ops everywere including a small red barn and gazebo.Strawberry wedding bride bubbles eco-chic green

Our blushing bride for this eco-chic wedding was recent bride Lauren.  I love this picture the amazing Eleonore from Photo By Eleonore took of her!  Lauren & Lindsay (our planner for this shoot) were both styled by the fabulous Karri of Hair by Kar who had her work cut out for her since we shot on a day that reached 108° in the shade!!  Oi!!  I just loved both of our models’ energies!  Both ladies were full of ideas and energetic despite the record heat!

Instead of using a cut flower bouquet flown in from South America or Holland, consider using locally grown flowers, live plants or perhaps a fresh strawberry one. Ours consists of long-stemmed strawberries and parsley.strawberry wedding bouquet eco-friendly green Emerald

In this shot, our planner Lindsey shows our bride one of the table set-ups. Our vintage linens were provided by Rent My Dust, a hidden gem in the DFW area which rents vintage linens, china, accessories and furniture! Miss Rita set us up! =o) The berry dishes, 1940’s cakeplate & vintage teacup are from my personal collection. Yes, I know! I rock! LOLstrawberry wedding centerpiece eco-chic

Both centerpieces cost less than $10 to make.  To create the tea cup centerpiece, I used a head of ruffled lettuce, a head of cabbage and a pint of strawberries.  Editor’s note: No styrofoam or cut flowers were harmed or utilised in the making of this centerpiece. ;o)

I got the idea for the cake stand centerpiece from a 1940’s photograph of a teaparty my grandmother attended. All you need is a cool cake stand and the ability to stack strawberries. =o)

And now onto the yummy part of our Strawberry Fields wedding – The dessert table!!  What would a strawberry themed wedding be without make it yourself shortcakes?Strawberry shortcake

Our too-cute-for-words blueberry and cherry pies in the jar came from the Diva of Dessert herself, Tiffany at Haute Mama Dessert Company.pie in a jar strawberry wedding eco-chic

Haute Mama also provided the uber-realistic strawberry cake pops, adorable pie pops and sugar cookies strawberrydecorated in a vintage postcard theme. Look for her other amazingly yummy sweets in our upcoming Green Dream Themes!

I’ve been asked by several people why  we did not go with a wedding cake for this theme.  The answer is simple.  Cakes create waste.  An average of 30% of wedding cake does not get eaten on the day of.  There are many reasons for this – some guests don’t like the flavors or like cake at all.

Creating a dessert table allows the guests to pick from an assortment of dessert  flavors and choices.  So for this wedding them, I chose to forgo the cake =o).  strawberry sugar cookies eco-chic green weddings dessert

Cafe Mozart provided the deliciously decadent strawberry and raspberry mousse desserts which rounded out our delicious dessert table.

So what do you think?  Is this an eco-chic wedding you’d like to attend?  I hope so! I loved designing this juicy and fun eco-friendly unique theme!  I would like to thank my gorgeously green models and locally sourced vendors for all their assistance in pulling this photo shoot together despite the raging heat of a record Texas summer!!  =o)

Remember Emerald Events & Weddings for all your green wedding and event questions!

Strawberry Fields Faux Wedding Vendors

Photos – Photo By Eleonore

Location – the Bird’s Nest

Makeup & Hair – Hair by Kar

Vintage Linens –Rent My Dust

Desserts – Haute Mama Dessert Company & Cafe Mozart

Tireless assistant to Melissa – Courtney Collyge

Blushing Bride – Lauren Lambert

Perky Planner – Lindsey Crabtree

Event & Photo Shoot Design -Melissa Wagner-Gens – Emerald Events & Weddings


Next month, look for our “I’ll be your honeybee” Green Dream Theme, bringing attention to one of the hardest working natural pollinators & producers out there, the honey bee. =o)

Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After . . . . .
Melissa (aka the new Mrs.)
Melissa Wagner-Gens, PMP
Owner & Chief Chica Verde
Emerald Events & Weddings
The home of Brilliantly Green TM  Events and Event Education!
Developer & Producer of
Emerald Certified Seminars
Be Brilliantly Green; Be Emerald!

4 comments on “Green Dream Theme – Strawberry Fields

  1. Eleonore
    October 21, 2011

    Awesome ideas! I want to do a green baby shower and will use some of these ideas, because I do not believe in paper plates!

    • partygoddess
      October 22, 2011

      We definitely need to talk! I’ve got all kinds of fun ways to make a baby shower green! =o)
      Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After,

  2. Karri Armstrong
    October 21, 2011

    All of your ideas are soooo fun AND realistic! Wish you were doing this 13 years ago when I married! Can’t wait to spread the word about you!

    • partygoddess
      October 22, 2011

      Thanks Karri! I wish I had known you 13 years ago as well!! You have been the best kind of bride!! =o) I love planning eco-chic and unique weddings, so by all means, spread the word! =o) Muchos gracias, Senorita!

      Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After,

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