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Inside the Vendor’s Studio – Kate Kovalick-Patay

Hello my perky party planners and eco-evangelistas,

Today we are starting an exciting new segment on the blog called “Inside the Vendors Studio”.  For my Real Wedding Planners of Collin College, you know already know what’s coming. =o) For the rest of my party posse, this is where you get to know an event vendor up close and personally through a series of questions.    Our inaugural vivacious Vendor is the ever-cool Kate Kovalick-Patay of Creative Coverings.

For those of you who don’t know, Creative Coverings is an Emerald Certified Vendor because of their commitment to the environment.  Not only is renting event linens much more eco-friendly than buying them, Creative Coverings goes above and beyond that simple green step by

  1. Recycling damaged linens into smaller table coverings or client swatches,
  2. Designing and utilizing environmentally friendly canvas shipping bags to ship their linens to customers, saving 600 cardboard boxes a year.
  3. Participating in the UPS Carbon Neutral program,
  4. Using linen laundering processes that are environmentally preferable and readily biodegradable &
  5. Participating in socially & environmentally responsible projects like repurposing fabric into custom window coverings for Hurricane Katrina damaged homes.

Somewhere Mother Nature is cheering! =o)  OK, enough background! On with the questions…

Name: Kate Kovalick-Patay

Occupation: Executive Director of Sales

Business name & website: Creative Coverings, www.creativecoverings.com

What do you love most about your work? I love that I have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented event professionals in the most amazing settings on a daily basis.

Who is your muse/inspiration? Fashion! If I had to pick one particular area I’d say accessories, but I’m obsessed with the classic look of Chanel, the bold hues of Atelier Versace and the flirty look of Alaia. For me to wear though? Alice + Olivia all the way. They know how to make a dress that fits a woman and makes her feel GOOD! All of my tabletop designs stem from the fashion that I adore.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Good food and wine

Favorite charity: SPCA. I want to rescue them all!

No task is too menial, as you can not truly understand event dynamics unless you have worked every area

Advice to someone just starting out in your field? Be a sponge – learn it all. No task is too menial, as you can not truly understand event dynamics unless you have worked every area behind the scenes and you know what really goes in to making it a success.

Least favorite activity: Housekeeping.

Favorite adult beverage: Champagne, of course! Let’s celebrate!

Person you’d most like to meet: Coco Chanel

If you were a Muppet, which one would you be and why? Statler or Waldorf. My best friend and I were always told that we reminded people of them, but I never knew which of us was who…..

Best vacation memory: White sand, blue water and no iPhone. Sheer bliss.

Favorite websites: Pinterest, Pantone, A Wedding Sketchbook, Facebook and out of left field…..Tosh.0 and The Oatmeal. Hilarious!

Which contemporaries in your field do you most admire? There are so many that I find inspirational and I feel are true leaders – it’s really hard to narrow down! One of my favorites to work with is Kristjan Gavin from In Good Company. He is so organized and thorough – a great trait in an event professional. Cindy Lo from Red Velvet Events is so creative, Stefanie Berry from Showorks can put on an event that you won’t soon forget – they’re all so good! If you let me go on any further I have no idea how long I’d go….

Recent professional highlight: Not only is my paying job a treat to go to every day, but I was just elected President of the Reno-Tahoe NACE Chapter and I am thrilled to see what the next two years bring. I see great things for the area and the organization as a whole.

It is our responsibility to teach, educate and mentor upcoming event planners so they know what’s right and wrong, how to properly execute an event and keep the integrity in our profession.

Biggest A-Ha Moment: When I was speaking recently and a fellow event professional snubbed an attendee for wanting to know what their aspirations were and inquiring how they could one day be that good too. The response was terse, curt and completely inappropriate. It is our responsibility to teach, educate and mentor upcoming event planners so they know what’s right and wrong, how to properly execute an event and keep the integrity in our profession. My a-ha was right there on stage – I knew I’d never turn my back on a question, a person or a chance to educate someone that truly wants to know why we do what we do.

If you were mentioned in a newspaper headline in 2022, what would you want it to say? After a long, distinguished career in the events industry as a trend leader and a consultant, Kate Kovalick-Patay is retiring to Bora Bora with her husband, Jean-Pierre. 🙂

Chica Verde’s note: What a great eco-evangelista to get to know in our first interview!  Thanks so much to Kate for being brave enough to go first!  Make sure to check out Creative Coverings website for amazing decor ideas and fabulous green linen rentals & keep watching for the next of our exciting “Inside the Vendor’s Studio” interviews!!

Until next time, wishing you “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After. . .”


Chief Chica Verde

Emerald Events & Weddings



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