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Another Reason to Consider Emerald Certified Seminars

Need another reason to take our Emerald Certified Seminar?! Take a look at this article.

There is a eco-wedding expo happening in California and they are promoting that there will be women walking down a runway in “couture bridal gowns made from recycled material like paper plates, plastic cups, and Ziploc bags” and a flower girl throwing “paper flower petals while donning a dress made from the event’s invitations.”

Lori of Conscious Elegance put it best: “Way to go, guys. You’re really encouraging mainstream folks to go Green by implying that an eco-friendly wedding means re-using  someone else’s trash.”


This is exactly why taking our Emerald Certified Seminar is so important to be a truly green professional. We’ll teach you how exactly to incorporate eco-chic wedding solutions into your client’s events as well as in your own small businesses to help lower expenses and save the planet without all the mumbo-jumbo of paper plate and plastic cup wedding gowns getting in the way.

As always, wishing you “Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After…”




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