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Inside the Vendor’s Studio- Kristin Colanari-Campbell – The Beauti Studio

Hello my perky party planners, vivacious vendors, and eco-evangelistas,

Today we are continuing our exciting segment called “Inside the Vendors Studio”.   For my Real Wedding Planners of Collin College, you already know what’s coming =) For the rest of my party posse, this is where you get to know an event vendor up close and personal through a series of questions. Our next  vivacious vendor is the stylish Kristin Colanari-Campbell of The Beauti Studio!


After the most recent and devastating oil spill off our gulf shores, Kristin felt as a business owner and a prospective parent, that she had a real responsibility to run her business in a way that was sustainable, earth friendly, and moving in a direction that evoked the kind of change that we need in order to be good to our planet earth. Kristin says:  “I cannot say that it was an easy transition but I feel very good about making decisions now that will have a lasting effect on our future. This means raising our customer’s awareness of their choices as consumers since that is always where it starts in terms of bringing about change.”

Now, enough background. On to the questions!

Name: Kristin Colaneri-Campbell

Occupation: Makeup Artist/Singer

Business name & website: The Beauti Studio; www.beautistudio.com


What do you love most about your work? Seeing clients smile after I am done

What is your inspiration? Old Hollywood films

Talent first, then personality, then persistence.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Chocolate!

Favorite charity: Family Gateway

Advice to someone just starting out in your field? Talent first, then personality, then persistence

Least favorite activity: Doing contracts

Favorite adult beverage: A nice glass of wine

Person you’d most like to meet: Jack Lemmon or Lucille Ball

If you were a muppet, which one would you be? Definitely Animal!


Best vacation memory: Standing on top of a mountain in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland

Favorite websites: Anything travel

Which contemporaries in your field do you most admire? : Val Garland and Kevyn Aucoin

Recent professional highlight: Just produced my first cd

Biggest A-Ha moment: Love can make you crazy!

If you were mentioned in a newspaper headline in 2022, what would you want it to say? That Kristin was a great artist but also a great person!

Chica Verde Note: Make sure to check out this amazing vendor & keep watching for the next of our exciting “Inside the Vendor’s Studio” interviews!!

Until next time, wishing you “Love, Laughter, & Happily Ever After...”




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