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Jessica Alba Love

mnHey there perky planners, vivacious vendors, and eco-evangelistas!

This week we’re focusing on Jessica Alba and The Honest Company, her eco-friendly baby products line!

Jessica Alba is known as a fantastically fashionable actress but she’s also an eco-evangelista just like us! Her line is equipped with non-toxic, chlorine free, sustainable products that are incredibly good for the environment and for baby!

My favorite part about Alba’s line is that they offer a monthly membership type of deal where they will ship a bundle of products right to your doorstep! AND it’s only $35 a month!! Considering you get a ton of eco-friendly merchandise and you don’t even have to leave the house, that’s an incredible deal.

Also, another great thing Alba’s company does is for every purchase, they donate time, money, and products to one of their amazing charities that helps families in need of baby supplies.

I think every eco-chic momma-to-be or already momma should definitely know about this amazing company. Also, check out the cute diaper cakes perfect for a eco-friendly baby shower here!  Alba should no longer be known as an actress or her fashion sense- she has one awesome company!

Until next time, wishing you “Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After”.


PS- If you are a vendor or wedding planner and want to make your company as amazingly green as Alba’s, you should check out our Emerald Certified Seminars today!



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