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Inside the Vendor’s Studio- Lisa Thompson

Hello my perky party planners and eco-evangelistas,

Today we continue our exciting segment on the blog called “Inside the Vendors Studio”.   For my Real Wedding Planners of Collin College, you already know what’s coming =) For the rest of my party posse, this is where you get to know an event vendor up close and personal through a series of questions.

Next up is Lisa Thompson, a wedding dj & mc and event director at HeartSong Events and Lighting LLC.

Name: Lisa Thompson

Occupation: Wedding DJ & MC, Event Director

Business name: HeartSong Events and Lighting LLC


What do you love most about your work? Working with wonderful vendors and amazing couples.

Think like a sponge- absorb everything. Ask for advice.

Who is your muse/inspiration? DJ Mikey-Mike & DJ CrazieAce. Both think outside the box, stretch their comfort zones, and are always trying to give their clients 1000% more than they anticipate.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Ice cream and/or GOOD Italian food.

Favorite charity: The Salvation Army

Advice to someone just starting out in your field? Think like a SPONGE – absorb everything. Learn from the best. Ask for advise. Think outside the box. RESEARCH and collaborate.

Least favorite activity: Filing.

Favorite adult beverage: Amaretto Sours & Strawberry Margaritas

Person you’d most like to meet: Maybe … Dale Chihuly

If you were a Muppet, which one would you be and why?  Fozzie Bear 🙂 Great comedic timing. Knows no fear. Entertainment at it’s best.

Best vacation memory: A wonderful week with my kids & sister at Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Favorite websites: Mine of course 😉 Soon to be new and improved. DJChat – a great forum and resource for mobile DJs with subgroups just for wedding DJs.

As long as I have great couples needing help and looking for great entertainment, I CAN DO IT.

Which contemporaries in your field do you most admire? DJ Mikey-Mike, DJ CrazieAce

Recent professional highlight: To have become the “GO TO” entertainment company for several local venues. That shows their confidence in my company and the level of services I provide.


Biggest A-Ha moment: As long as I have great couples needing help and looking for great entertainment, I CAN DO IT.

If you were mentioned in a newspaper headline in 2022, what would you want it to say? Lisa overcame great odds and came out on top.

Chica Verde Note: Make sure to check out this amazing vendor & keep watching for the next of our exciting “Inside the Vendor’s Studio” interviews!!

Until next time, wishing you “Love, Laughter, & Happily Ever After...”




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