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I know I’ve  been AFW (absent from WordPress) lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been bored. Quite the opposite, in fact!

I’ve continued writing my blog series on green events and weddings for my favorite green party supply palace, EcoPartyTime. Make sure to check the blog page for eco-chic ideas on how to make your holidays, weddings and events stylishly sustainable here.


I’m still consulting and mentoring event planners, vendors and sustainable small business entrepreneurs on business branding, marketing and being brilliantly green when it comes to their businesses.  One of my favorite projects this year has been to help my good friend Chef Pete Nolasco develop a savory & sustainable menu he can offer his clients.


I taught one more season of the Real Wedding Planners of Collin County through the college before deciding to offer my course exclusively through my Emerald Certified Seminars website.


I will always be grateful for the opportunity my good friend Carol gave me through Quad C but there was just too much bureaucracy for me to continue. Offering it through my business allows me to keep the high business & event standards I developed while continuing to mentor future event planners in a way that helps, not hinders them.


I’m still working on my brilliantly green event book. We’re done with the photo portion & now I’m editing the manuscript. I’m hoping to have it done soon. This eco-chic baby has been in the works for many moons.


So my perky planners, small biz wizzes, and eco-evangelistas, that is what this Chief Chica Verde has been doing this summer….what have you been up to, my perky planners, small biz whizzes, and eco-evangelistas? Tell me below!
Till next time, wishing you “Love, Laughter & a Brilliantly Green Happily Ever After!”,
Melissa, the Chief Chica Verde


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